Workers' Compensation FAQs

What is Workers' Compensation?

Workers' Compensation is a system of benefits provided by Illinois law to most workers who have been injured at work.

What benefits are covered under Workers' Compensation?

a.  Medical Benefits- the employer is required to pay for the reasonable and necessary medical treatment for the injured worker.

b.  Loss Time Benefits (Temporary Total Disability) are paid to the injured worker who must lose time from work due  to the work related injury.  It is also necessary that the injured worker provide medical documentation, substantiating his or her inability to work.

c.  Permanent Partial Benefits (Permanent Partial Disability) are paid if the work related injury results in the permanent loss or loss of use of a part of the body or whole body.  

Who is covered?

Almost every employee who is injured and whose employment is localized in the State of Illinois is covered by workers' compensation. Coverage begins from the moment the employee starts work.

Who provides the benefits?

The employer is responsible for providing benefits. The employer may be self-insured or have contracted with an insurance company to provide workers' compensation insurance for their employees.

Who administers the law?

The Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission is responsible for administering the law.  It is responsible for resolving disputes regarding employees' entitlement to benefits and the amount of benefits.

How much time does an employee have to file a claim?

A claim must be filed within three years after an injury, or within two years following the last workers' compensation payment, whichever is later.

Where is a claim filed?

The claim  is filed at the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commisssion.

Who should the injured employee notify of his or her injury?

The employee must inform the employer immediately. Any delay in notification may result in the delay of benefits. A delay of more than 45 days may result in the complete denial of the entire claim.

What should the injured employee do after notice of the injury is given?

The injured worker should seek immediate medical attention. The injured worker should keep the employer informed of their medical status: whether they are under doctor's care, and or whether the doctor is restricting them from work.

When should an injured worker retain a workers' compensation attorney?

An injured worker can retain an attorney at anytime throughout his or her claim. It is especially advisable to retain an attorney if the injured worker is not receiving the proper benefits for his or her injury.

How does an injured worker find out if he is receiving the proper benefits?

An injured worker can consult an attorney such as  the Law Offices of Angela Nardi-Quigley, Ltd for a free consultation to determine if they are getting the proper compensation under the Workers' Compensation Laws of Illinois. 

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